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215 Multinational Organizations Collaborating Around Best Practices

BELA's Executive Steering Committee

What is the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance?

We bring people together as a community of hundreds of companies committed to building an environment in which best practices are shared.

Exclusive BELA Benefits

Enhancing Ethical Performance:
Industry Leading Data & Tools

Peer & Mentor Network

The member roster gives you direct access to your peers enabling the sharing of “what works” across the community.

Benchmark against Ethisphere’s dataset of leading practices from the World’s Most Ethical Companies®.

Centers of Excellence

Leading resources, thought leadership, practical insights built and delivered by member companies.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your training, communication efforts and the willingness of your people to raise concerns.

A year-long conversation and access to Global Summits and Local Roundtables with pan industry best practices and networking.

Access Resources including: Peer Insights, Downloadble Presentations, Research, and the Integrity Matters Podcast Series.

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Benchmark Against Ethisphere’s Data Set of Leading Practices

A non-intrusive way to compare your practices in 5 key categories: compliance & ethics program; CSR & sustainability; culture of ethics; governance; and leadership, reputation & innovation.

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The Most Effective Way to Assess Your Ethical Culture

Ethisphere’s Ethical Culture Quotient is a full-service, survey driven culture measurement and assessment offering that is built to evaluate the effectiveness of your organizations’ communication, training, and compliance efforts.

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Best-In-Class Research, White Papers, Webcast, Podcasts, and Centers of Excellence

Center of Excellence


Shared by Member Company
U.S. Bank

Presentation Resource


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Exclusively for the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA)

A Year-long Conversation Across Cultures, Key Markets, and Functional Boundaries

Roundtable Series

July 18, 2018

BELA Roundtable Hosted by Express Scripts | St. Louis

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Roundtable Series

July 26, 2018

BELA South Asia Roundtable Hosted by JLL | Mumbai, India

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Roundtable Series

August 6, 2018

BELA Roundtable Hosted by Cooper Standard | Detroit, MI

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BELA SA Summit

September 27, 2018

South Asia Ethics Summit

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November, 2018

Mexico City Ethics Summit | In Partnership with Parsons

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Episode 5:
Tom Pfennig, Head of Compliance, Bayer AG

Listen to Episode 5

Hosted by General Electric and Ethisphere's Business Ethics Leadership Alliance the "Integrity Matters” podcast series is designed to connect experts from leading organizations around the globe. If you have any feedback on potential guests, discussion topics or feedback in general please reach to Al Rosa alfred.rosa@ge.com, GE Chief Compliance Director. Integrity Matters will feature interviews with top compliance and ethics influencers from respected companies, including:

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