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Reducing Cybersecurity Risk: Cross-Functional Responsibility at the GC, CCO, and CISO Level

Webcast Recap | Reducing Cybersecurity Risk: Cross-Functional Responsibility at the GC, CCO, and CISO Level Companies increasingly realize that effective cybersecurity and the related protection of intellectual property, confidential information and trade secrets requires collaboration between IT/security, legal and compliance. Most companies have not effectively implemented cross-functional collaboration between these three departments. [...]

BELA Roundtable | May 10, 2019 hosted by Mastercard

BELA Roundtable Recap | May 10, 2019 | Hosted by Mastercard Thank you to BELA member company Mastercard for hosting the May 10, 2019 roundtable.  The conversation at this roundtable included the following presentations: Compliance and Ethics Training Initiatives, members of the Mastercard team Investigations Best Practices,, led by Widge Devaney, Partner, [...]

Asilomar AI Principles

ASILOMAR AI PRINCIPLES Future of Life Institute’s second conference on the future of artificial intelligence provided the opportunity make a statement about the guiding principles for AI development. Through a process of research, surveys, discussions, commentary and refinements, a list of 23 principles was created to guide future discussions on how the power [...]

House of Representatives | Hearings on Artificial Intelligence

Game Changers: Artificial Intelligence Part I Witnesses for this hearing: Dr. Ian Buck, Ph.D. Vice President and General Manager, Accelerated Computing, NVIDIA Dr. Oren Etzioni, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Dr. Charles Isbell, Ph.D. Executive Associate Dean and Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology Dr. Amir [...]

Johnson Controls Cyber-Crime Training Videos

Johnson Controls | Tripwire: Cyber-Crime Training Videos Tripwire is a 12 minute, professionally made movie showing the very real dangers of cyber-crime and how failure to adequately protect your data can lead to serious consequences for you, your family and colleagues. Research has shown that learners remember visual images more easily than [...]

BELA Benefit – Cybersecurity Assessment

New BELA Benefit: Complimentary Cybersecurity Assessment Take advantage of a new member benefit, a 'CREATe Leading Practices for Cybersecurity’ maturity assessment aligned to the NIST Framework and provided by CREATe Compliance, an Ethisphere business. About the Offer Sarah Neumann Director, BELA Engagement Take advantage of the CREATe [...]