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UNI | Top Ten Principles for AI

UNI Global Union, based in Nyon, Switzerland, represents more than 20 million workers from over 150 countries in the fastest growing sectors in the world – skills and services. UNI seeks innovative policies and partnerships to ensure an empowering digital future for all. With that goal, UNI has established it’s Top Ten Principles [...]

Partnership on AI

Partnership on AI The non-profit organization Partnership on AI brings together leaders…to develop best practices, advance public understanding, provide a platform for discussion and engagement, and foster aspirational efforts in AI for the benefit of society. Many of the partner organizations are also BELA members. "In support of our mission to benefit people [...]

Asilomar AI Principles

ASILOMAR AI PRINCIPLES Future of Life Institute’s second conference on the future of artificial intelligence provided the opportunity make a statement about the guiding principles for AI development. Through a process of research, surveys, discussions, commentary and refinements, a list of 23 principles was created to guide future discussions on how the power [...]

House of Representatives | Hearings on Artificial Intelligence

Game Changers: Artificial Intelligence Part I Witnesses for this hearing: Dr. Ian Buck, Ph.D. Vice President and General Manager, Accelerated Computing, NVIDIA Dr. Oren Etzioni, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence Dr. Charles Isbell, Ph.D. Executive Associate Dean and Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology Dr. Amir [...]