2019 South Asia Ethics Summit

Closing Panel

Closing Panel: The Generation Game: Engaging ‘Zillennials’ to Understand their Drive, Deeply Integrate in the Ethical Culture, and Enable Values-Driven Performance


  • Aarti Maharaj, Managing Director, Ethisphere


  • Rajeev Chopra Managing Director – Legal, Accenture
  • Satyajit Nandi Leader-Third Party Compliance, India, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Hemal Bhavsar, Manager Legal Compliance, Bayer CropScience Limited

The closing panel recapped the day-long conversation and explored trends and behavior aspects companies are observing with the new generation of employees coming  into the  workforce.

Studies repeatedly show that Gen Z and “iGen” look at a company’s reputation and its commitment to ethics, its purpose and their role and footprint in society before making a decision about a product or to join its workforce. For the new generation of employees, what matters most is a company’s actions must match its ideals. This panel addressed some critical points, including:

  • From  the compliance perspective: Common challenges faced when dealing with a specific group?
  • India specific: When compared globally, in India, does this group respond differently to integrity?
  • How can companies effectively communicate and reach this audience—is there anything done differently to keep them engaged?