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Guide for Building and Sustaining an Effective Champion Program

With the convergence of data privacy and compliance responsibility becoming more common, the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) created a working group to group examine best practices for handling governance, structure, and workflows. The group had a specific focus on practical ways to communicate requirements and expectations across a global organization. With data privacy risks occupying a prominent position on the list of compliance concerns, the group agreed that compliance champions could play a key role in integrating the knowledge and behaviors that support good data privacy management throughout an organization.

To that end, the working group has created this Guide for Building and Sustaining an Effective Champion Program, available exclusively for the BELA community. This guide provides a framework for creating any type of champion program, not just one for data privacy.

In addition to the Guide itself, the working group also created supporting resources, templates, and other materials to support to launch of a successful champions program. Supporting resources include: