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The Must-Have Skills for Compliance Officers


In case you are wondering— in the midst of the COVID-19 situation— that the compliance jobs across the globe may dwindle… you are in for a surprise. Today, the world is in need of compliance officers armed and ready with solutions when businesses resume and seek out expensive ways to explore new opportunities. The increasing workplace compliance, which has been compounded by the pandemic both from regulatory compliance and Health & Safety Risk perspectives will need the guidance and support of a versatile Compliance Officer.

Here is some advice I’d like to share with to fellow compliance officers in training the next generation of leaders:

  • Awareness vs. Consciousness: The Compliance Officer must understand that a lot of managers are already aware of compliance risks, your job is to make them conscious of their decisions. It’s like smokers who are already aware of health risks would try to quit smoking once they become conscious of these risks.
  • Sharing of experiences: Workshop vs. training model: Working professionals at all levels especially senior leaders love to share their knowledge and experiences, your job is to use this experience to enhance your training content. Also remember people learn best when they are having fun, if you attempt, even the most monotonous content could be made interesting.
  • Change is a process, not an event: Compliance Officers often expect immediate transformation after their sessions. Remember what you are doing is bringing about a positive change in the organizational culture and this takes time and effort!
  • 360 degree- feedback: Too many compliance professionals hammer their training content without proactively seeking feedback from their audience and stakeholders on their methodology— remember what the experts say: “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. 

The full article will be available in the upcoming 2020 BELA South Asia Magazine.

About the Author

Varun Wadhwa oversees the Ethics and Compliance as well as the Internal Audit program for CBRE India. He is responsible for ensuring a successful corporate ethical culture as well as overseeing the internal audit framework. Varun is a Certified Fraud Examiner & holds a Graduate Certificate in Compliance & Risk Management from the GRC Institute, Sydney, Australia. Previously he was managing a team at KPMG overseeing engagements on Investigation Misconduct, Anti-Money laundering & Regulatory Compliance.