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Asia Pacific Member: Western Digital Corporation

How Western Digital Innovates Integrity by Giving Workers a Voice Across Asia Pacific

I have never seen this level of engagement, not in any of the numerous roles and companies I have worked in. In this article, I would like to share at least 3 initiatives in our Ethics and Compliance program at Western Digital has taken that have resulted in this unique and impressive level of engagement. — Brendan J. Hanley, Sr. Director and Assistant General Counsel, APAC Ethics & Compliance, Western Digital (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

1. Compliance Champion Program One aspect of Western Digital’s compliance program that I am particularly proud of is our Compliance Champion program. We work with site leaders to select rank and file employees to essentially be ambassadors of our Compliance program at that particular site.

Tip: Choose the right employee. At Western Digital we look for an employee that has strong ethics and values. Also, an employee who is approachable, compassionate and mature enough to guide employees. If you use multiple Champions, try to choose people from various departments.

2. Compliance Review Boards: We set up regular (2-3 times per year) meetings with each site leadership team to discuss compliance-related topics.

Tip: Come to these meetings with data. Since Western Digital is a data storage company, our leadership expects to see numbers that tell a compelling story.

3. Compliance Awareness Month (CAM) CAM is an initiative where we ask the company to dedicate their attention to compliance-related maters for a month. Our initial objective was to enhance awareness of the importance of completing our annual compliance training, but it ended up being so much more.

Tip: Leadership buy-in is a must. Some of our site events are at factories, and these events can be considered disruptive.

Pictured: Tiffany Scurry (left), Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer at Western Digital, presents a World’s Most Ethical Company award at a CAM site event site.