BELA Asia Pacific Roundtable and Resources


At the December virtual BELA Asia Pacific Roundtable, hosted by Nokia, participants shared ideas and exchanged best practices as companies adjust to a new working environment. Click the “download” button to view slides and presentations from the virtual events.

Topics and sessions included:

Topic 1 | Supplier Integrity in a Pervasive WFH Environment

This session took a look at the higher corruption, bribery, and facilitation risk due to the pandemic and lockdowns across the region. It also explored tangible practices on what are companies doing to prevent it.

Topic Lead: Jon White, Managing Director, Omega Compliance, a sister company of William E. Connor & Associates

Topic 2 | Addressing the Risk of Ethical Transgressions: Practices to Create an Inclusive Virtual Workforce: Harassment, Disrespect, and Bullying

Topic Leads: Mona Dange, Global Head of Market Compliance, Nokia; and El Lynn Yeoh, Head of Ethics, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

As business pressures continue to mount, there’s an added sense of fear that employees are experiencing due to ambitious targets set out in a new (and in some cases unfamiliar) digital environment. As a result, harassment, disrespect, and bullying have taken on a new shape with employees failing to report this behavior because of the lack of redress by employers when incidents are filed. This session provides guidance on how leaders can create a workplace culture where employees feel supported and heard—despite the distance.

Topic 3 | Remote Investigations: A New Frontier?

In this session, Dan Levison, Partner, Morrison & Foerster; and his colleague Sheryl Janet George, Associate explore new and emerging practices in conducting virtual, remote investigations and document preservation.

Topic 4 | Integrity Agenda Data Insights and Predictions for 2021

Topic Leads: Ramesh Moosa, Executive Director; and Stacy Chai, Partner, EY Forensic & Integrity Services