BECA & BELA = Collaborating to Serve the Bay Area

The Bay Area Ethics & Compliance Association (BECA) has successfully built a large collection of like-minded professionals willing to connect and share their practices locally. There is ripe opportunity to extend the value of both organizations through an affiliate relationship. Ethisphere, through BELA, has a mission of connecting multinational companies to collectively raise their ethics and compliance practices by sharing best practices, providing formal benchmarking services and creating informal networking opportunities around the world. As this affiliate relationship continues to grow rapidly, together we will be able to focus our efforts on offering unique data-backed research and benchmarking to the Bay Area.

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Discounted Affiliate Packages


  • Exclusively for BECA Members

  • Access to Global Events

    Attend executive networking or send your local colleagues to 20+ events in various cities around the globe (Sample event locations have included: Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, London, NYC, Chicago, Miami, and Houston). $6,000 Value.

  • Enterprise Access to Membership Resource Center

    Continuously updated set of curated content in the form of Ethisphere-sponsored research, webinars, whitepapers and global meeting materials.

  • Ethical Culture and Perceptions Assessment

    Access to the library of questions and run the survey on your own or Ethisphere can do so for $7,000 (50% discount).

  • Subscription to Ethisphere Magazine


  • List Price: $14,500

  • Access ALL of the benefits available in the Standard membership PLUS:
  • Program Benchmarking Against the World's Most Ethical Companies®

    Receive detailed feedback via a scorecard report and 90-min conference with Ethisphere counsel outlining potential gaps in program implementation, roadmap for change and practical suggestions for enhancement.

  • Attend the Global Ethics Summit®

    Attend Ethisphere’s premier 2-day event in NYC. Typical fee is $2500.

  • Ethical Culture and Perceptions Assessment

    Ethisphere will administer the survey and provide analysis of the results for the discounted rate of $7,000.Click Here to Learn More

2017 Alliance Priorities

  • Measure and help to enhance ethical organizational culture using our BELA-developed Ethical Culture and Perceptions Assessment

  • Capture, codify and communicate leading practices throughout the community.

  • Bring together experts and expertise in local and global markets.

  • Provide resources, tools and techniques to engage the C-suite and Board. 

Enterprise Access to the Industry's Best Resources

Resources include a continuously updated set of curated content in the form of Ethisphere-sponsored research, webinars, white papers and global meeting materials. Sample documents include:

Insights from the 2017 World's Most Ethical Companies

Industry Sector Insights Infographics

2017 Anti Bribery and Corruption Special Report

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