2018 Crisis Management Benchmarking Report

Ethisphere, in partnership with Morrison Foerster, is pleased to present this global Crisis Management Benchmarking Report. The report is designed to give corporate legal departments insights into current trends involving crisis management professionals and teams around the world and to highlight best practices for crisis planning, table top exercises, and more.

The survey that forms the basis of this report was conducted in the spring of 2018 to a global audience and included questions about crisis management programs, how companies prepare their teams, and the ways that companies employ outside counsel. The data from this survey, combined with interviews from large, multinational companies with sophisticated legal, ethics, and compliance programs, as well as from Morrison & Foerster partners with extensive experience in various domains of corporate crisis management, informs these findings and recommendations.

We are grateful for the contributions of the diverse professionals and organizations who participated in the survey and shared their insights with us.