Webcast Recap | Case Study: Evolving Towards An Ethical Culture with SNC-Lavalin

After a series of violations rocked the company a decade ago, SNC-Lavalin’s new leaders sought to reform the organization by building an effective ethics and compliance program that could reinforce a stronger ethical culture. Last fall, SNC-Lavalin went through an Ethisphere Program Assessment to gauge their progress, and was awarded our Compliance Leader Verification. Please join us in a wide-ranging, transparent conversation about the company's journey, including their impressive work in the following areas:

  • Program structure, including an integrity ambassador program across local offices
  • Incorporating integrity concerns into performance evaluations
  • Building an investigation program that targets areas of highest risk

The conversation will include SNC-Lavalin’s Hentie Dirker and Patricia Alleyn, alongside Ethisphere experts Jodie Fredericksen and Scott Stevenson. We will explore how the company has evolved and why the Program Assessment process was a useful tool for them to check their progress.

Patricia Alleyn

Hentie Dirker

Scott Stevenson
Senior Analyst, Data & Services

Jodie Fredericksen
Senior Compliance Counsel

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