BELA Roundtable Recap | October 30, 2019 | Hosted by AARP

Thank you to BELA member AARP for hosting the October 30, 2019 roundtable.  The conversation at this roundtable included the following presentations:

  • Overview of AARP’s new Chatbot and ERM Practices, led by Ellen Hunt, Senior Vice President - Audit, Ethics & Compliance Officer, AARP and Joe Pugh, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Director, AARP
  • Scaling to Manage Third Party Risk – Starting with Anti-Corruption Assessments and Capability Building, led by Leslie Benton, Vice President, Ethisphere
  • Compliance Monitoring, the Second Line of Defense, led by Melanie Hilley, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, Deputy General Counsel, Booz Allen Hamilton
Download the Full Recap