Partnering with HR to Engage the Employee Culture

Day 1 - Afternoon Career Connections | Session 2

Session Description:

Despite each having significant influence on company culture, HR and E&C teams have paths to achieving their goals that historically diverge more so than they intersect. Commenting on areas such as hiring and onboarding, communications and training, and global strategy, this panel of compliance & ethics leaders will share some of the project breakthroughs they have experienced, made possible only by a commitment to improving the relationship with HR.


  • Ben DiPietro, Thought Leader, LRN


  • Laurie Gallagher, Chief Compliance & Litigation Counsel, SABIC
  • Katie Lawler, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Ethics Officer, U.S. Bank
  • Lisa Beth Lentini, Assistant General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Deluxe Corporation