Getting Tactical about Treatment: Building an Effective Framework for Harassment Investigations

Day 1 - Afternoon Breakout Session 2

Session Description:

The channels through which employees report harassment significantly diverges from how all levels of misconduct are reported. For example, 66% of all misconduct is reported up to the immediate manager, but this same channel is only utilized 35% of the time for harassment reports. In response to whether an employee “believes that co-workers act ethically at all times” 85% of all respondents agree with that statement, while only 50% of those who witnessed harassment agree. This presents some obvious challenges for harassment investigations, but also some real opportunities to drive more transparency around these issues. This panel will explore some of the global considerations, new approaches to investigator training, report handling and substantiations, and new considerations for how compliance & ethics leaders handle these cases.


  • Doug Allen, Managing Director of Data & Services, Ethisphere


  • Antonio Fernández, Chief Compliance, NERC & Privacy Officer, PSEG Services Corporation
  • Ritu Jain, Chief Compliance Officer, Asia, GE
  • Veena Lakkundi, Vice President and Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, 3M